Pana Chocolate


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As a part of our long-standing relationship with Pana Chocolate, we overhauled their digital presence to reflect the quality of their product.
Our task was to develop a website that would increase the user’s time on site, improve online sales and highlight the company’s sustainable practices.

We set out to provide the user with more ways to engage with the site content, ensuring those interactions are surprising and fun. By unifying similar products, relevant social media imagery and blog content throughout the site to exist alongside the relevant current page in use, we helped to organically lead users to other pages. We overhauled the art direction of campaign photography to be expressive, and created pared back imagery in the shopping experience to make it easy for the user to shop. We also introduced a discounted bundle option, which helped to increase sales of chocolate bars to make the online purchase more viable with shipping costs.

The outcome was an intuitive and engaging website that represents the calibre of the Pana Chocolate brand.

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