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The Company You Keep design brands that form and inform the way we live. Brands that are read daily, visited often and seen by many. Fundamental to our practice is a clear narrative experienced in great detail. From the minutiae to the monumental, every brand element is an opportunity for greater clarity and resonance. Grounded in the position that conscious design informs an unconscious impression, our brands are unconventional and layered. We design brands that speak, rather than shout.

The Company You Keep

15 Bedford St Collingwood
Victoria 3066 Australia
Email enquiries@tcyk.com.au
Phone +61 03 8578 3548
Instagram @tcykdesign

New Business Enquiries

Contact: Penny Gow
Client Services Director
Email penny@tcyk.com.au
Direct +61 04 2689 9956
Phone +61 03 8578 3548

A summary of specialist design services. Commissions generally include multiple services from the list below.


— Brand Workshops
— Brand Audit
— Brand Strategy
— Brand Positioning
— Brand Identity
— Brand Evolution
— Brand Guidelines
— Brand Onboarding
— Brand Guardianship
— Stakeholder Engagement


— Packaging
— Publications
— Books
— Stationery
— Promotional
— Specialist Finishes
— Production Management

Content Direction

— Art Direction
— Photography
— Illustration
— Animation
— Film
— Custom Typography
— Copywriting


— Digital Workshops
— Digital Strategy
— Digital Prototypes
— User Interfaces (UI and UX)
— Information Architecture
— Wireframes
— eCommerce Websites
— Editorial Websites
— Folio Websites
— HTML5 Banners


— Place DNA
— Wayfinding
— Signage Prototyping
— Signage
— Service Design
— Visitor Experience
— Site Activations


— Campaign Strategy
— Campaign Identity
— Experiential Activations
— Curated Collaborations
— Event Marketing
— Marketing Collateral
— Social Media Strategy


Rhys Gorgol (Creative Director), Luke Brown (Design Director), Penny Gow (Client Service Director), Monica Laskowska (Operations Director), Sam Aldridge (Senior Account Manager), Conor McCabe (Senior Account Manager), Laine Sacher (Senior Account Manager), Corey James (Senior Designer), Claire Bradbury (Senior Designer), Ben Siero (Senior Designer), Samantha Hogan (Designer), Tahlia Yap (Designer).


No positions are currently available. If you are interested in upcoming positions or freelance opportunities, more information can be found here.