Melbourne Design Week

An exquisite corpse (from the French term cadaver exquisites) is a method by which a collection of words of images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in a sequence. Invented by the surrealists, the technique involves players drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal part of the image, and passing it to the next player for a further contribution.

Using this framework as a basis, TCYK and Collins explored the process of collaboration via shared design files and ongoing dialogue. Experimenting with new design processes and modes of working to deliberately erode traditional barriers that could silo the creative process via geography, creative team, time zone or speciality. Resulting in a typeface, poster and combination of design outcomes “unimaginable by one brain alone” – as surrealist Simone Kahn describes the process.

By working within a collaboration method that hinges on free play and unpredictability, our goal is to push the design outcome beyond our day-to-day practice. Our process and outcome was exhibited on 26 March 2022, with a discussion and associated visuals with Rhys Gorgol, Luke Brown, Brian Collins and Megan Bowker.

See the video here.

Director: Rhys Gorgol, Luke Brown, Brian Collins, Megan Bowker
Designer: TCYK & Collins design teams
Client Service: Sophie Jedlin
Photographer: Ben Clement