Paramount House Hotel

The legend goes, in 1914 William Wadsworth Hodkinson, founder of Paramount Pictures, drew the now infamous studio logo onto a napkin. With 24 movie-stars in the studio stable, his idea was simple; place those stars in an arc above an impressive mountain, add a script typeface for good measure and the rest is history, literally.

Fast forward 100 years and the former headquarters of Paramount Pictures in Sydney is a hotel run by hospitality heavyweights that has an ability to embed guests in the neighbourhood as soon as they check-in. The stars, in any good hotelier’s eyes are the guests. Hodkinson’s stars have been reformed into an architectural elevation of the hotel, squarely focusing the attention at every point on the guest. The reformed logo fosters conversation at check-in, aiding a subconscious flow through the hotel to avoid awkward head shakes when the elevator opens, “is the room to the left or right?”.

Like any star worth their salt, materials, textures and objects continue to inform and give of themselves in ways that reveal purpose, narrative and patina over a stay; a place to wear in, not wear out. Much like its surrounding neighbourhood, a patchwork of colliding streets, demographics and eras that ultimately create something more than the sum of its parts.

“Throughout the hotel, past and present are expertly brought together.” —Vogue

Directors: Rhys Gorgol, Luke Brown
Designer: Michael Precel
Client Service: Monica Laskowska
Consultant: Matt Vines
Photographer: Tom Ross
Production: Gunn & Taylor
Merchandise and Uniforms: Worktones
Typefaces: Maison Neue, Self Modern, Century Schoolbook