Don’t judge a book by its cover, an organisation by its past. With the appointment of renowned ad-exec and TV personality Russel Howcroft as CCO, PwC might not even recognise the book anymore, let alone its cover. Creatively contrarian, Howcroft sees opportunity in the word ‘can’t’. So while many had pigeon-holed PwC as a singular thing; a large consultancy firm, Howcroft set first to re-write perception and tell it as it was; a multi-faceted collective pushing the envelope in their individual fields.

In a famously paper free organisation, the introduction of a newsprint was sure to raise eyebrows around the water-cooler and the airport business lounge. A sign of something fresh, if not a definite change in direction. Off grid in genesis, style and content; the pages detail the varied and divergent work of PwC staff, departments and clients. As a welcome mat to the newly seen but same old PwC, the mast-head is rotated off kilter, forcing things to be looked at differently.

Instead of online content buried in link after breadcrumb link, this large format paper is unfolded over steaming coffee, carried in briefcases and discussed in meeting rooms, giving new weight to an age-old medium.

“Not since the triumphant first edition of ANZ’s Blue Notes has there been such a quiver of excitement in the heady world of internal comms.” —Australian Financial Review

Directors: Luke Brown, Rhys Gorgol
Client Service: Monica Laskowska
Editor: Amanda Gome
Photographers: Josh Robenstone, Nic Walker, Jesse Marlow, Christopher Pearce, Paul Philipson, Glenn Hunt
Illustrators: Jeff the Peff, Alva Skog, Conxita Herrero, Tanawat Sakdawisarak
Production: Fairfax
Typefaces: Miller, Graphik