Tivoli Road Bakery


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Tivoli Road Bakery is an artisan bakery in South Yarra with a cult following - queues form for their pastries and sourdough loaves, baked with the utmost attention to detail. We worked closely with owners Michael and Pippa to redesign their brand identity and reflect a philosophy of careful consideration and the search for perfection.

Inspired by rings on freshly baked loaves left by bannetons or bread baskets, we used parallel repetition and elegant type to create a contemporary, linear brand identity. Design influence was also taken from timber batons at the bakery entrance, interior shelves and counter. On packaging we allowed the ingredients more space and attention than the branding, to emphasise the importance of ingredient quality and origin.

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Subtle graphic cues reference the parallel rings on bread loaves and timber batons at the bakery. Product packaging and stationery showcase embossed lines, while product photography plays with linear light and shade.

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