Zebra Dream


  • Identity
  • Packaging

Zebra Dream create delicious coconut-based ice creams, with the finest fair-trade ingredients. Already a respected ice cream alternative amongst die-hards, we reimagined the brand from the ground up to capture the lion's (or zebra's) share of the market and bring Zebra Dream's loyal consumer base with us.

Starting with the fun, zany personality, we expanded the brand to speak to the premium, light and airy nature of the ingredients, process and product. Leveraging the unique environment of LED backlit freezers, we injected holographic stripes to act like a disco ball, catching the eye of passers by no matter how the product is placed: head on, backwards or skew-whiff.

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With a name as iconic as Zebra Dream, the aspiration was to create an iconic pack. Playing on the name and the idea of snoring (z, z, z), we created a system around the Z, bringing structure and consistency whilst offering a robust and memorable visual.

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