Melbourne Music Week


  • Identity
  • Digital
  • Signage

City of Melbourne had built Melbourne Music Week into a thriving festival and were looking to improve brand recognition and broaden their reach for the 2018 campaign.

We were tasked with developing a new brand strategy and campaign creative that could live on various multimedia applications as well as on static posters, to remain consistently recognisable and engaging.

The result was a new campaign lock-up and system that positioned the festival brand front and centre. Responding to the festival’s mission to immerse the city in sound, we represented the dynamism of music through motion. In collaboration with MR.P Studios to develop an animated Melbourne city grid, which was brought to life on moving billboards, digital advertising and festival projections, and carried through multiple iterations across print, street posters and other festival collateral. The new brand strategy and campaign contributed to an audience reach of 5.43 million, a 66% increase in social media interactions, and a 16% increase in festival attendees.

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The animated campaign graphic was inspired by the festival’s mission to immerse the city in sound. Based on the Melbourne city grid, the animation fluidly moves and pulses like a sound wave.

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