Most revolutions start with a simple question. Why? NON’s zero alcohol beverage offering started the same way. Why does dinner-table appropriateness remain the sole reserve of wine and alcoholic beverages? Good point.

When chef William Wade left Danish super-restaurant Noma and crossed paths with Aaron Trotman, this was the very question they couldn’t shake. It raised other questions too. Why do table top beverages have to be presented this way? Why must convention dictate outcome?

NON is Notice Of Non-compliance, and a middle finger to convention. A firm no to the establishment and whatever came before it. It’s yes to the future and yes to difference. A yes to those on the fringes and those who ask why. It says “stick that in your pipe and smoke it.” Or better yet, pour this in a glass and drink it.

“The flavour combinations, each of which were tweaked 20 or 30 times during R and D, make just as much sense in a glass as they would on a plate. NON is in a category of its own – ‘So we can do whatever the f*ck we want’, says Wade.” –Broadsheet

Director: Luke Brown
Designer: Tahlia Yap
Client Service: Sam Aldridge, Brooke Wallington
Typeface: Helvetica Neue